As Knowledge Management is an integral part of the CDSP IV, various informative documents were developed to provide interested persons with the basic background information on all the components of the project. These documents can be found under ‘Brochures’.

Under ‘Publications’ several additional documents are listed. These were written by third parties that visited the project during its implementation.

1 CDSP IV - At a Glance
2 Protection from Climate Change on Coastal Chars
3 Social Forestry Program in Coastal Chars
4 Land Settlement on Coastal Chars
5 Agriculture Development Program
6 Social and Livelihood Development on Coastal Chars
7 Peoples Participation in Institutional Development
8 Gender Development in CDSP IV
9 Monitoring & Evaluation and Knowledge Management

Progress Report
CDSP IV Progress Report No 7 January - June 2014
CDSP IV Progress Report No 8 July - December 2014
CDSP IV Progress Report No 9 January - June 2015
CDSP IV Progress Report No 10 July - December 2015

CDSP IV article for Food Security Newsletter
Living on New Land Char Development in Bangladesh
CDSP IV Fact Sheet
Periodic Agriculture Survey Report 2014
Annual Outcome Survey July 2016
CDSP IV TR No 8 Mid-term RIMS Survey Report 2014
CDSP IV Mid Term Agriculture Survey Report 2015
Poultry livestock Baseline Compile Data 2014

Good Practices
1 Good Practice Entry stairs - Mihir Chakrabortty
2 Good Practice Female names first - Rezaul Karim
3 Good Practice Kabuliyat signing - Rezaul Karim
4 Good Practice Participation FLI - Zainal Abedin
5 Good Practice Women mobility and income - Irin Sultana

Decision making and Discrimination's boys & girls
My wife dose not work
Poster on Land Settlement process in Bengali
Poster on Land Settlement Process in English

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