Andrew Jenkins

Andrew Jenkins
Team Leader

Andrew Jenkins is currently the Team Leader of the Char Development and Settlement Project, Bangladesh and a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University. He recently worked in BRAC, the international NGO, from October 2009 to March 2016, as BRAC Donor Liaison Officer, and coordinator of the Impact Assessment Unit in the Research and Evaluation Division.

Andrew and his wife Jan were married in Armenitola, Dhaka in 1979 and have two sons; Jan is an English teacher and editor, and has worked for the BBC and British Council.

After Oxfam, BRAC and studying for an MSc in Agricultural Engineering in England, they spent six years (1982-8) in Noakhali in Char Jabbar working in the Land Reclamation Project, and Andrew subsequently worked as Team Leader in projects in Khulna and Patuakhali as well as Laos and India. He has also been a short-term consultant in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Albania; altogether he has 40 years’ experience in rural development and water resource engineering/management in South and Southeast Asia.

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