National Award for Tree Plantation

Government of Bangladesh has awarded the National Tree Plantation Award 2017 to Forest Department, Implementing partner of CDSP-IV. CDSP-IV is a joint venture project funded by IFAD, Kingdom of the Netherlands and Government of Bangladesh. CDSP-IV is being implemented by six GoB agencies and four partner agencies. Forest Department (FD) is one of the six government implementing agencies who is establishing shelterbelts to protect the coastal chars from storms and cyclones, During 2011 to 2017, Forest Department has successfully established 7400 ha of mangrove plantation, 200 ha of foreshore and more than 260 km of roadside and 80 km of plantations along drainage channels. In recognition of the very successful plantations, Noakhali Coastal Forest Division (CDSP-IV FD part) program has been awarded the best tree plantation of the year in 2017 by Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

December 27, 2017